Tra Terra e Cielo

Tra Terra e Cielo


A journey through the Elements of Nature – Fire, Earth, Air, Water – to harmoniously integrate the Masculine and Feminine and experience balance, alignment, joy of life, and well-being.


The event will be held in the tensile structure of Hotel Notre Maison in Vetan, which provides protection even in case of bad weather.

Comfortable clothing and layered dressing are recommended in case of variable temperatures.

To participate in the complete event (workshop with Monica Canducci and Giorgia Fumanti, Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance, and refreshments), starting at 3:00 PM:

Please arrive a few minutes early to start promptly at 3:00 PM. Comfortable clothing that allows free movement are recommended, along with comfortable footwear (possibly also thick non-slip socks).

It is advisable to bring a cushion and possibly a blanket, have water handy to stay well hydrated, and for those more sensitive to the sun, adequate protection (hat, sunglasses, etc.) in case some activities are held outdoors.

The recommended participation fee, which includes the workshop, Giorgia Fumanti’s live performance, and the refreshments, is €40. (60 $CAD)

More information about the event :

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